Dangerous Beat (Underground Alliance)

He was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1987. He is actively involved in music production since the summer of 2004.  His first works were commercial hard trance, fast and cheerful rave and techno that was played at the turn of the century. Firstlistenableworks were created in2006. He has evolved over the years, so he turned to the music that he listened as a little kid.  In recent years he actively producing ambient music, IDM, breakbeat hardcore, acid music, speedcore, breakcore, early techno, dub, various experimental sounds and noise music with a lot of industrial sounds. The last four years he actively playing traditional Jamaican music and drums, West African music, and plays tarabuka. He is also part of Underground Alliance association and label.

nobodisoundz – WHt HrZs (released by Petroglyph Music)


released 16 January 2014

bio / presentation of the project :
the nobodisoundz project was born in 2008
(with a reference to the character of “Nobody “in Dead Man,
a Jim Jarmusch film) I first started this sound-making project
by cobbling together music samples, sounds, field recordings
and the results of my fiddling with some software. These sounds
completed my works and added an atmosphere within and around
my paintings, subsequent installations and videos. With time,
these sounds have gained a more and more important place and
have become self-sufficient, no longer requiring any other
medium. I look for dense, heavy, noisy, squeaky, tense and
quiet atmospheres, which have to be both dark and bright
at the same time.

some words about the release :
Slow drift in a desert landscape
Sounds of the piano slowness of the movements
Internal tensions elusive words
Perched high look twinkling larsens
Suffocated singing smell on the watch
Telluric rhythm dance seismic