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UK experimental underground 015 survey

our favorite mixtape: Kenobi

Recommended: Tom Greenhalgh, United States

The Ambiguity – Along The Horizon

P2R Records present / SLAVES OF THE NIGHT




Cod-E from Austria

My tunes by Felix Montfort on Mixcloud

Dhatura: Rites Of The Digital Era by On3iric4

Dhatura: Free Travel by Mitx Mitxii

Dhatura: Mocshamba by Hamba & My Own Cubic Stone

Dhatura: Dark Lights [Frantic Cityscapes] by DBPIT & Guests

News from Katajamäki

Katajamäki has announced that he is going to publish a collection of experimental sounds in the near future.

Read more here:


Dawn Tuesday

Nick R 61


mep2012: Mental Escape Pod – Nothing

Noise: Das Rheintaler Nachtwerk

Spaces Speak #1 – TARFIELD

Mental Escape Pod (DJ-Set)

Amajin Records: 551 by Ullapul

Katajamäki – 52 Hertz Dreamer