Montfort Records – After Dark Volume II

Our new Compilation is a multi-genre mix from different artists around the world. Not the genre is important here, but the dark feeling of the music. Enjoy this one.


released 02 November 2013
artwork: Suki Van Manson (

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Montfort @ Mixcloud

Sound Art Performance II – live recording by Montfort Studio on Mixcloud

Sound Art Performance II (short clip by Smara Kand)


KIN from Austria

recommended music: Lauki – GEA

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Underground Alliance Association

UndergroundAllianceUnderground Alliance Association, formed in late 2011, as a Facebook group to promote and connect producers arising from the disintegration of the former state Yugoslavia.This led to the idea of ​​a joint compilation that should come out in late March 2012, as well as the establishment of a label that would cover artists from around the region.


Project 9.2 from Island


The Ascent To Yearning by Quoth


Neebatelna from Germany

Sawah Session EP by Neebatelna & Boxenspecht

Steve Kick from LA


Michel Geißdorf – Unleashed


Mental Escape Pod – finding new waves

Ambient & Downtempo Set by Katajamäki

Autput Records

more info: here

Daily Conflict & ThePerfekt @ FM4 LaBoum deluxe

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laboum montfort2

Electronomicon: Electronic Music Fanatics



Electronomicon (E-Con) is an elite group of electronic musicians from across the globe that has united to bring you this, their maiden compilation album, ‘Future Imperfect’. The Future Imperfect concept was devised to facilitate a range of unique musical interpretations of its theme such as Utopia, Dystopia, Malfunction & Indifference.

Split into two distinct halves, Future Imperfect is a sonic exploration into upbeat Produktivism & down-tempo Leisurizm; a panoramic snapshot of contrasting beats, moods & textures that represent the human race’s struggle into an Imperfect Future.


Available for free download on the 24th February through Dhatūrā Records and Wetlands Productions.

Future Imperfect Banner (700x200) 01








Radio NFTM Podcast #9

The E-Con (Electronomicon) Soudcloud Group


Artist of the week: Katajamäki


SAMSUNGClick on the picture for his Soundcloud

Katajamäki comes from Finland and creates beautiful ambient and optimist soundscapes. As he says his purpose is to create blue sounds that fit someone’s evenings. (taken from etched traumas)