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Closing of this page!

Sorry, dear Montfort Followers.

We have to close this page.

There will be more info soon on Facebook!


Greets, Felix!

The Wetlands: Cod-E – Mamacita

new release by “The Wetlands”: Neuroblivion – Songs in the key of Bass

Kollektiv Sandgasse – lost 2.0 (Takuya Okada Video)


From The Mountains by Cod-E

(Ambient music) Katajamäki – Matka

Cod-E – Liquid Unlimited (live on mixlr)

Dhatura: Pagan Forest – Part 2 by My Own Cubic Stone

Radio NFTM Podcast #12 Dhatūrā Records


The tracklist:

1. a quality without a name – quantum foam (Together Is An Eyesore)
2. CPH321 – Salomée321 (Together Is An Eyesore)
3. Desh Alb Project – Original Sign (Metamorphosis)
4. Ullapul & JC Liénard – Botte (Le Site Minier De Sartis [with Revue Lorem Ipsum])
5, Second Bounze – Time Traveller (Time Traveller)
6. Trixie Delight – Unterwasserstation (Peeling Strawberries)
7. The Agromaniac – Acceleration_Control (Revisionism)
8. dilig0 – Leeches (POST-CHANGE)
9. aiguise – Turing (pt. 1) (Transient Turing)
10. rabbitsquirrel – But stumble on tangled branches (A typeset entirely of ligatures)
11. Desh Alb Project – Distrovery (Distrovery)
12. nobodisoundz – strUNge (nUun)

[UA055​]​Bad Trip EP by Skaj da Waidah & Geza

Released by Underground Alliance

Dhatura: My Days Are Numbered by Quoi

Montfort’s RAW ENFORCEMENT playing at this Event

Cultass 5

Mixtape: Aavek – Trapattack!!!

Aavek – Trapattack!! by Montfort – Drum&Bass/Hardcore on Mixcloud

Departures by The Ambiguity

Dhatura: CollAGE D by nobodisoundz & Le Crapaud

Migration by Lykanthea

VIDEO for Telos:

Lykanthea – Telos from Lykanthea on Vimeo.

The official music video for Telos, a track from Lykanthea's debut EP 'Migration.' Read more about the video on Impose at http://bit.ly/1zW7OqQ.

Download the EP for free or order the limited edition cassette from http://lykanthea.bandcamp.com.

For more on Lykanthea:


Filmed/directed in Chicago, IL by E. Aaron Ross
Styled by Laura Prieto-Velasco/Hunter Gatherer Jewelry
Special thanks to Laura Prieto-Velasco, Carolyn O'Neill, Anastasia Ikonnikova, Leah Ball, Anu Tera and Hogan McLaughlin

Compilation: Music For Nurseries 1 & 2

It all started from this invitation on facebook…
“The idea came from a discussion with Miles Vaughn… Create a piece of music inspired by nurseries, toys, whatever related to childhood. It can be dark, it can be funny, super experimental or music for kids, just let your inspiration guide your steps.”

Amongst the months, an amazing number of people decided to join and play the game… And they played it so well… Much thanks to all of you, spread the <3.

— David


The Black Hundred



Dhatūrā: 050 by D9K

Raitoburū by Mental Escape Pod